The Straumann® CARES® System 8.5 includes new software modules featuring a software wizard and software functionalities created to further improve prosthetic designs, provide you ease of use and higher efficiency.

New software module

Wizard mode: A minimally experienced or untrained user can activate the wizard tool to design crown and bridge frameworks with guided design steps.

New software functions

The improved software design functions aim at making your design work more efficient through the following features:

Better top-down initial proposal on the restoration design

A step called Adaptation Environment is added to the scan procedure. It lets you identify a subset of dental points on the adjacent teeth, so that the CARES® Visual is able to analyze the context in which to compute the automatic proposition of your planned teeth. The initial proposal is already well positioned and formulated.

More efficient and dynamic abutment design mode
  • The new abutment Multi Designer allows you to change parameters and see the immediate result without running separate computations. It saves you time in design planning.
  • The anatomy-related gripper allows 3-dimensional movement to have design flexibility without creating any undercut in the abutment design.
Undo, redo and save buttons are now available to optimize your design flexibility and provide you the peace of mind to save your CAD file anytime
Advanced software design on telescopic crown and pontic to achieve your optimal design

The latest software introduces more advanced software designs on the telescopic crown and the advanced pontic. The basal anatomic design flexibility provides a better and more esthetic pontic.