The Straumann® CARES® Visual design software is a complete and comprehensive dental interface, giving you access to a variety of specific services and design solutions.
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Previously, the co-existence of multiple parallel systems and software has created unnecessary complexity and confusion for dental laboratories and their customers. The open standard software platform helps to overcome the drawbacks of this 'multi-system' approach by enabling:

  • Improved connectivity between the different systems
  • Confidence that systems will remain up-to-date in the future
  • Reduced costs without migration from one system to another

my.Straumann® CARES® desktop

The my.Straumann® CARES® desktop has been designed to navigate throughout the variety of options which Straumann offers their customers. As part of an easy navigation, the my.Straumann® CARES® desktop is built on four main tiles or ‘apps’ that let the technician choose which digital solution to work in.

The main tiles include:

Products & services
  • Tracking and managing of sent orders
  • Access to Straumann information, hotline and technical support in local languages
  • Remote monitor assistance for optimal framework design
  • Simplified software update function
Guided Surgery
  • Access to the world of dental guided surgery
Validated Workflow
  • Access gate to Straumann® CARES® Visual CAD software for prosthetic elements of consistently high quality with guarantee of up to ten years*
  •  Pre-installed material-based parameter setting for accurate design and excellent fit
  • Interface to Straumann milling expertise and state-of-the-art production facility for predictable, validated manufacturing outcome
  • Access to customized abutments, bars and bridges and tooth-borne prosthetics through the open software platform

* 5- or 10-year guarantee depending on the material. See Straumann guarantee for details.
DWOS refers to Dental Wings Software.

External Workflow
  • High connectivity to choose any production means or partners
  • Same CAD software platform to design crown and bridge restorations as well as customized abutments and screw-retained prosthetic solutions
  • DWOS partial module providing automated functions such as undercut measurement and free-form design tools to create partial frameworks