Straumann® CARES® X-Stream™

Straumann introduces CARES® X-Stream™, a new solution-driven functionality by providing a one-step single-tooth implant-based prosthetic restoration.

The essence of digitalization in dentistry is to streamline the prosthetic workflow and to simplify product handling. This is exactly what the Straumann® CARES® X-Stream™ solution aims at.

Features and benefits

  • Time and cost saving for increased productivity and profitability by streamlining the workflow and reducing the turnaround time with only one scan and design step
  • Excellent fit of the delivered components thanks to the pre-set parameters and algorithms
  • Consistent and re-producible quality in a controlled design and milling environment

Prosthetic restoration options

For Straumann RC, NC, RN and WN implant platforms, the following combinations of prosthetic components are available:

Straumann® CARES® Abutment

Straumann® CARES® Full contour crown or Coping

Full contour crown

Or coping