crown and bridge FRAMEWORKS

Straumann® CARES® CADCAM offers a full range of applications1 from single-tooth to 16-unit bridges to restore prepared teeth or abutments.

Straumann® CARES® CADCAM offers an extensive application range for modern implant and restorative dentistry. The excellent properties of all our CADCAM element offerings are designed for high reliability and predictability. Precisely manufactured customized parts designed with the Straumann® CARES® Visual software are the basis for the final esthetic restoration. Thanks to our industrial milling center concept, all types of dental materials can be processed (from polymers, metals up to ceramics), giving you all the material options you need to serve your clients.


  • Broad material offering (from polymers, metals up to ceramics) for alternatives to noble metal casting alloys
  • Broad range of applications (up to full arch bridge) designed for high flexibility in patient treatment
  • High-stability frameworks designed for reliability and precision



IPS e.max® CAD (lithium-disilicate glass-ceramic from Ivoclar Vivadent AG)

  • All-ceramic restorations for efficient esthetics
  • Versatility for easy handling
  • High-strength product designed for reliable restoration

zerion® (zirconium dioxide ceramic)

  • Broad range of applications for high flexibility
  • High-stability frameworks designed for reliability*

* Up to 4 pontics in the anterior region & up to 2 pontics in the posterior region


ticon® (titanium)

  • Veneering processing comparable to noble casting alloys for easy processing
  • Material properties designed for high reliability and precision
  • Ideal alternative to noble casting alloys

coron® (cobalt chromium alloy)

  • Economic alternative for a broad range of applications for high flexibility
    Veneering processing comparable to noble casting alloys for easy processing


polycon® ae (PMMA-based acrylate resin)

  • Specifically suited for full-contoured temporary restorations for high efficiency
  • Excellent compound stability for easy handling

polycon® cast (filler-free acrylate burn-out resin)*

  • Specifically for conventional crown and bridge wax-up (can be burned out without residue)

* polycon® cast is not a medical device

1Application and material availability might differ from country to country
IPS e.max® and IPS Empress® CAD are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Liechtenstein.