polycon® ae

(PMMA-based acrylate resin)

The IPN1 resin polycon® ae offers biocompatibility, color stability and excellent compound stability with non-ceramic veneering materials. It can be used for full anatomic temporary crowns and bridges in the anterior and posterior region.

Product characteristics
  • Specially suited for full-contoured temporary restorations for high efficiency
  • Excellent compound stability for easy handling
  • Available in 5 colors
Processing options
  • Can be used without further processing
  • Polishing possible
  • Veneering possible
Attachment options
  • Temporary cementing
Available applications

1IPN = Highly cross-linked Interpenetrated Polymer Network
A PMMA-based acrylate resin with significantly greater strength and considerably better abrasion values due to 
    molecular cross-linking.
2 Veneerable inlay
/ onlay