Straumann® CARES® X-Stream™

The one-step prosthetic solution: 1 scan, 1 design, 1 delivery.

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CARES® X-Stream™ is an innovative example of an efficient digital workflow, streamlining clinical steps and simplifying long processes, while ensuring high quality prosthetics. CARES® X-Stream™ provides a full prosthetic solution, flexible in use, to restore Staumann implants. With only one scan procedure and one simultaneous and adaptive prosthetic element design, all required prosthetic components (e.g. abutment and its relevant crown) are manufactured in a Straumann-validated environment and arrive together in one delivery with an excellent fit of the components. This optimization of the necessary processing steps reduces turnaround time and related costs considerably.


  • Higher productivity thanks to a simultaneous and adaptive design, order and delivery
    of the prosthetic components required for a patient case
  • Increased efficiency due to the highly precise prosthetics ensuring best fit between
  • Validated long-term performance with the original Straumann® implant-abutment
  • Consistent and re-producible quality with controlled design and milling environment
    associated to renowned material supplier


Straumann extends its efficient and cost-effective CARES® X-Stream™ offering to multiple-tooth implant-based restorations with bridges and overdentures treatment solutions.

Benefit from fully customized prosthetic solutions with combinations of individualized CARES® Abutments and CARES® bridges.

Or benefit from our highly cost effective prosthetic solutions with combinations of our new Variobase™ solution for bridges and overdentures and 3M™ Lava™ Plus Zirconia, available in the 16 VITA classical tooth guide and 2 Bleach shades.


1 Application and material availability might differ from country to country
2 Not available for the Soft Tissue Level NNC and WN Platforms; all full contour restorations or frameworks available
without screw channel holes
3 Not available for the Soft Tissue Level NNC Platform; all full contour restorations or frameworks available without
screw channel holes
4 All full contour restorations, frameworks or bars available with screw channel holes
5 Only available for full contour crowns
6 Not available for full contour restorations
7 Not available for bars
8 Up to 7 tooth replacement; up to 4 implant-abutment connections
9 Up to full arch, up to 10 implant-abutment connections

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