Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions

Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions provides dental professionals with a complete solution in digital dentistry – reliable, precise, and dedicated to your needs.

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Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions

Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions represents a complete dental solution, from digital impression-taking using intra-oral scanning to the computerized production of prosthetics using state-of-the-art CAM processing. Each individual step seamlessly interlocks with the next and is designed for high quality all along the digital workflow.

Straumann® Digital Workflow

digital workflow: your benefits

Benefit 1: Access to guaranteed precision and quality
  • Access to original Straumann® CARES® abutment with its original connection providing quality
  • Access to high-quality Straumann® CARES® Prosthetic elements produced with high precision in the validated workflow benefiting from validated interfaces and extensive Straumann milling expertise
  • High-quality elements chosen from a large product portfolio with all the necessary materials to match daily and also special prosthetic case requirements
Benefit 2: Increased efficiency
  • Benefit from a streamlined workflow to increase productivity of your lab
  • Implement innovative full digital single-implant restoration workflow without conventional impression and model casting
  • Access 1st level support for continuous improvement in efficiency
    of using the CARES® Software



Benefit 3: Enjoy flexibility and sustainable investment
  • Full flexibility to import multiple data sources and export to multiple production channels via open STL
  • Access to state-of-the-art prosthetic design options via software updates and upgrades thanks to consolidated R&D efforts of three major industry players within the dental field – Dental Wings, 3M ESPE and Straumann